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Yaskawa presents new GP4 robot

The new GP4 expands the range of compact and fast 6-axis robots from Yaskawa and with a payload of 4 kg, it’s now the smallest robot in the GP (General Purpose) range.

  • GP Series

The GP series now includes more than 25 robots with payloads between 4 and 600 kg. The largest range of Yaskawa presents a diversity of machines that have undergone changes compared to the previous generation in terms of speed, design, accessibility, energy efficiency and control, which are reflected in an increase in their performance and productivity. More compact equipment, greater control over acceleration and deceleration and a reduction in the number of cables and connectors, facilitate the entire integration of tools and also the entire maintenance process, which is fundamental and indispensable for the useful lifetime of the robots.

  • GP4 -  the smallest robot of GP Series

Extremely fast and accurate, the GP4 features shaft speeds of up to 1000 ° / sec and an extraordinary repeatability of +/- 0.01 mm, making it a suitable robot for automating tasks and processes in small workspaces which requiring high degrees of accuracy. Flexible handling, machine tending, assembly applications or even inspection tasks are some of the ideal applications for the use of this compact robot, which is characterized by taking up little space and its attractive cost-benefit ratio.

Weighing only 28 kg, it has a reach of 550 mm and can be mounted in any position, including inside machining centers. Thanks to its IP67 protection class, it is able to operate in harsh environments , such as damp and / or dusty environments, and can be easily cleaned.

Its cables can be inserted laterally or through the base, and its entire design facilitates the integration of the grippers/tools, thus ensuring optimization and greater reliability during its operation, regardless of the application where it is integrated.

  • YRC1000micro controller

Like the other robots in the GP series, this novelty offers all the advantages of this range, such as control via the current single-phase YRC1000micro controller.

This controller is characterized and differentiated by its weight and size, which allow a minimum space for its installation and also by the high performance that it offers even in terms of energy efficiency.

The YRC1000micro controller is compatible with the Functional Safety Unit (FSU) and can be controlled by the classic console or the innovative Smart Pendant.

Learn more about GP4 here.

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