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The cutting process plays a fundamental role in many industries. The ability to divide materials into precise shapes is essential for efficient production and the creation of high-quality products.

Roboplan has experience in designing cutting solutions based on processes as diverse as thermal or waterjet (abrasive).

In thermal processes, where the robot is an unbeatable tool in terms of cost/productivity compared to alternative equipment, we can use laser, plasma or oxyfuel cutting.

In this type of application, the robot is typically equipped with a cutting torch that is fed by a cutting machine, which will determine the machine's greater or lesser capacity to melt the desired metal.

The precision and repeatability, as well as the quality of the finish in these processes, is guaranteed by the excellent performance of Yaskawa robots, which make it possible to increase productivity results and competitiveness in any type of organisation.

Cutting methods:

Laser cutting: This technology uses highly concentrated laser technology to melt, vaporise or burn the material, resulting in clean, precise cuts. Laser cutting is widely used in industries that require high precision.

Waterjet cutting: In waterjet cutting, high-pressure water combined with abrasives is used to cut a variety of materials, from metals to ceramics and composites. This method is known for its versatility, being able to cut heat-sensitive materials without distortion or damage.

Plasma cutting: Plasma cutting involves using an ionised electric arc to melt and cut conductive materials such as metals. This method is particularly effective for cutting thick materials and is widely used in the metalworking and construction industries.

Each cutting method has its own advantages and specific applications, and choosing the right one depends on a number of factors, including the type of material to be cut, the precision required and the cost.

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