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Robotic Services


Robotic Services


  •   Examination of the cell/robot’s condition to identify necessary maintenance actions
  •   Preparation of Preventive Maintenance actions proposals in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements
  •   Scheduling of Preventive Maintenance actions in accordance with the production planning
  •   Execution of Preventive Maintenance electrical and mechanical actions according to the manufacturers

              -  Actions by ROBOPLAN technicians with solid experience in maintenance of industrial robots 

              -  Replacement of greases and batteries 

              -  Checking the electrical connections of the controller 

              -  Backup programs

              -  General cleaning of the robot and its controller

              -  Preparation of technical intervention report (if applicable)                               

  •   Acess (only for subscribers) to the ROBOPLAN SUPPORT LINE
  •   Possibility of drafting a Preventive Maintenance contract for priority assistance, with access to discounts and oriented to the needs of each Client
  •   Possibility of extended warranty for ROBOPLAN robotic supply equipment

Request the Preventive Maintenance service, using any of the following ways:

To access the conditions and confirm the benefits that a Preventive Maintenance Contract can offer you, contact us.