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ROBOPLAN is a company born from the solid experience of its employees in the field.

From the standpoint of providing services and solutions, ROBOPLAN covers the full range of robotic applications for the industry, providing from the simple robot to turnkey robotic systems as the customer needs, while ensuring at the same time the necessary training and technical support.
Concerning target industries, ROBOPLAN has experience in several areas, as diverse as automotive components, food processing, molds and plastic or equipment for the production of renewable energy.


The Roboplan technical team has the required experience to act in the most demanding and diverse environments. 

ROBOPLAN offers to its customers the latest technology in robotic systems, either through internal development or through partnerships with specialized companies.


  • Mission

    In a socially responsible manner, and implementing with systematic aproach the best management practices, provide our customers access to the best technology and services available in the field of Industrial Robotics, thus making us a leading company of excellence and reference in this sector of activity.



    "Being a leading company, of excellence and reference in this sector of activity"



    Ethics | Sustainability | Customer Satisfaction | Social Responsability

  • Quality Policy

    Roboplan, a company formed in July 2012 and born of the solid experience of its employees and partners in the industrial robotics sector, is a company certified under ISO 9001: 2015.

    Roboplan emerges as a response to the customers needs to enjoy a set of specialized technical services, namely in the design of robotic cells, as well as electrical and mechanical maintenance services and also recovery services, robotic cell improvement and specific training in the field of Robotics. 

    Roboplan offers products that complement each other in terms of solutions for its Customers, and develops its activity in an environment of strong demand for specialized knowledge, in a market where Customers are increasingly demanding products and services with a high level of quality.

    In this way, Roboplan believes that through more intensive guidance and commitment to apply the best management practices, the conditions will be created to increase its reputation in the market and to remain permanently competitive in a market with increasingly strong competition.

    Roboplan thus guides its action in the systematic pursuit of customer satisfaction and other interested parties, in compliance with the legislation and the requirements of Customers. This action will be processed through a continuous improvement practice, strengthening its capacity for innovation in terms of design, flexibility, deadlines and established quality levels, in order to obtain the appropriate projected economic results. 


  • Recruitment

    We believe that the greatest value of our organization is human capital.

    In this way, we seek to select the best professionals to integrate a healthy and stimulating work environment in an area that is completely growing and evolving!

    Join our team!

    Open vacancies.

    - Commercial Technician

    - Electrical Designer

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  • Co-financing Projects

    Project designation: SMART GLAZING - Investigação e desenvolvimento da nova geração de sistemas de vidragem de tableware de cerâmica de monocozedura para as Smart Factories / Indústria 4.0

    Project code: CENTRO-01-0247-FEDER-047574

    Main goal: Reforçar a investigação, o desenvolvimento tecnológico e a inovação

    Region of intervention: Centro

    Beneficiary entity: Metalúrgica Lopes & Capitaz, Lda, Roboplan, Lda , Universidade de Aveiro

    Approval date: 07-01-2021

    Starting date: 01-12-2020

    Completion date: 30-06-2023

    Total eligible cost: 855.852,69 Euros

    European Union financial support: 582.527,16 Euros, through the European Regional Development Fund

    Project Sheet

    Project designation: PROJETOS INDIVIDUAIS - Internacionalização

    Project code: 043308

    Main goal: Reforçar a competitividade das PME

    Region of intervention: Centro

    Beneficiary entity: Roboplan, Lda

    Approval date: 14-05-2019

    Starting date: 24-07-2019

    Completion date: 23-07-2021

    Total eligible cost: 115.415,00 Euros

    European Union financial support: 51.936,75 Euros

    Project Sheet


    Project designation: FAIST – Fábrica Ágil Inteligente Sustentável e Tecnológica 

    Main goal:  Impulsionar significativamente o cluster do calçado e marroquinaria portuguesa, aumentando o seu grau de especialização e diversidade de novos produtos, assim como bens de equipamentos e processos.

    Beneficiary entity: Roboplan, Lda

    Starting date: 1-06-2022

    Completion date: 31-05-2025

    Total eligible cost: 210.000,00 Euros

    Project sheet