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Yaskawa launches its new collaborative robot HC20DT

Yaskawa, one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots in the world, has started selling its new collaborative robot, which has a load capacity of 20 kg and a maximum reach of 1,700 mm.

The brand claims that there is "a strong need in various industries" to improve productivity and reduce production costs through automation processes with industrial robots. In these circumstances, it is expected to create flexible, space-saving production lines using collaborative robots that allow cooperation with workers without the need for safety barriers (depending on the application's risk assessment).

Like its predecessor, the HC10, this robot can be installed in a limited space because it does not require security fences and it can also be programmed easily and intuitively even by customers who are not familiar with collaborative robotics.

With a load capacity of 20 kg, the Motoman HC20DT can handle both large parts and multiple parts simultaneously. This is one of its main benefits, since, until now, collaborative robots had a lower load capacity. In this way, Yaskawa responds to the needs of the market, where there is a wide range of parts up to 20 kg.

On the other hand, the new HC20DT also complies with several safety standards such as the ISO 10218-1 standard (5.10.5 Energy and limited robot power).

In addition, its coating allows it to be used for applications that require washing with water.

Learn more about the HC20DT here.