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New series of palletizing robots - MOTOMAN PL

The PL series is the latest in the YASKAWA product range and includes 4 new models of palletizing robots.

The shortage of labor and the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are growing and the search for new solutions that increase productivity and allow the reduction of production costs through automation and robotization of processes is increasingly a reality in several sectors.

With the main emphasis, the sectors of logistics, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics face this urgent need to improve efficiency and to automate product packaging and stacking processes.

In order to respond to these needs that emerge in the market, Yaskawa, which has a wide range of products and applications for palletizing from small products / packaging to large products such as construction materials, decided to increase its offer with the new series PL.

The PL series is the latest in the YASKAWA product range and is composed of 4 versatile and powerful 4-axis robots, specifically designed for palletizing applications and logistics tasks at the end of the line or in distribution centers.


4 new versatile and powerful robots for palletizing applications

The MOTOMAN-PL190 (payload capacity190 kg; Maximum reach 3159 mm), MOTOMAN-PL320 (payload capacity 320 kg; Maximum reach 3159 mm), MOTOMAN-PL500 (payoad capacity 500 kg; Maximum reach 3159 mm), and MOTOMAN-PL800 (payload capacity 800 kg; Maximum reach 3159 mm) are the 4 robots in the new series of palletizing robots MOTOMAN -PL. 

Capable of performing up to 1,200 palletizing cycles per hour, thanks to their high acceleration and speed, these robots are compatible with the YRC1000 controller.

This controller not only maximizes the robot's performance, but also improves energy saving performance thanks to its energy regeneration function (energy is generated when the engine is slowed) can reduce the robot's consumption by up to 30%.


Improved maintainability and reduced setup and wiring time

The connection between the robot and the controller can be made with a single cable, which reduces the wiring time during configuration, while improving the maintenance process of the same. An effective alarm communication system in the control panel also contributes to this, which facilitates the identification of errors.

To allow the integration of pneumatic drives and suction systems, PL robots adopt a large diameter hollow structure, which allows to eliminate any interference between peripheral equipment and the robot arm.

These 4 models are available with the optional Category 3 Functional Safety Unit (FSU).

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