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Yaskawa offers free courses

In times when teleworking is a reality for many and where knowledge does not take place, Yaskawa, the world's leading manufacturer of industrial robots and one of the main players in technology and innovation on the market, offers 3 free online courses through the Yaskawa Academy.

The courses available are “HC10DT with YRC1000micro controller w / Smart Pendant”, “Introduction to Robotics” and “Yaskawa Safety Principles”.

The “HC10 w/wo DT Micro Controller w/ Smart Pendant Basic Operators” course provides lessons to ensure each student should have the necessary skills to understand robot movement and fault recovery, how to work safely in and around the robot cell, teach jobs and modify points, and be able to program typical gripper operation instructions.

The “Introduction to Robotics” course offers insight to the History of Robotics, Terminology of a typical cell, Safety around Robots, and help in understanding Industrial Robotic Applications.  This course also explores the Evolution of robot controllers, typical Coordinate Systems (how to drive the robot), and a Glossary of industrial terms and definitions.

Finally, the “Yaskawa Safety Principles” course introduces some of the fundamental concepts when working around robots.

To access the courses you will need to register for free at Yaskawa Academy.

This brand initiative allows, through a free registration, access to information hitherto paid for, thus giving the possibility to all its customers to improve and deepen knowledge of the Yaskawa product, in the area of ​​robotics and also of safety concepts.

Register and access the list of courses here.

Also the MotoSim VRC Offline Programming software is now available free for 90 days, find out more details here.