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Robotics reaches world record

In times of pandemic, which affront the world and especially the industries that had to readjust their plans and define new strategies, robotics is experiencing a wave of growth and becomes an opportunity.

At a time when investment in new solutions suffered a retraction, research, digitalization and all the technology that unfolds and evolves day after day, doesn’t stop, and reveals that robots can be the new drivers and partners of humans in this fight against covid-19. The need for social distance in the workplace, fully or partially automated production lines are increasingly becoming a reality.

The latest data from the Report released by the International Federation of Robotics show us that a world record for industrial robots operating in the world has been reached. There are more than 2.7 million industrial robots that, in the most diverse industries, are fundamental parts in the companies production processes. Driven by automation and the growing inclusion of artificial intelligence, the number of industrial robots has grown exponentially by 85% in 5 years. The automotive, electrical & electronics and metalworking industries occupy the top 3 of the distribution of robots by type of industry, while the most used applications focus on handling, welding and assembly.

Although the consequences of the pandemic for the global economy cannot yet be fully assessed, it was already possible to notice a slowdown in sales, namely in the automotive and electrical & electronics industries.

Worldwide the Asian market, more specifically China continues to take the lead, with more than 783,000 units in 2019, followed by Japan and the United States of America.

On the other hand, in Europe, Germany occupies the first place on the list, with an operational stock of around 221,500 units.

In this delicate and uncertain period, the times ahead will be shaped by adapting to this new reality where safety and productivity will be two key factors for all organizations, which when opting for robotics will be at the forefront.

Immune to any pandemic, robots and robotic solutions are expected to continue to grow in the near future with the clear objective of optimizing processes and growing the global economy. In 2018 Roboplan surpassed the mark of 1000 robots installed in Portugal, a milestone that not only demonstrates the confidence of our customers in our services but also in the quality of the Yaskawa product.