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Yaskawa expands its ArcWorld range

Ideal for replacing or complementing manual welding, the new ArcWorld V2, ArcWorld CS and Arcworld Mini Series (RS Mini and HS Micro) cells, allow you to integrate robotics into any welding process, saving a lot of space while still allowing simple layout changes due to its self-supporting structure and plug and play concept.

Compact, occupying few space, with the possibility to handle two products simultaneously, easy to move on the factory floor and easy to use, ArcWorld are the perfect solution, contributing to high productivity in arc welding applications.

ArcWorld CS, ArcWorld RS Mini and ArcWorld HS Micro and ArcWorld V2 are the four most recent Yaskawa models, which have strengthened the "ALL IN ONE" standard cell range.

The ArcWorld CS Cell integrates a successful series of robotic stations with CE marking accessible for arc welding. It has a vertical rotary positioner and chassis for fixing one or two welding robots, being the work area for the operator separated from the working area of the robot, according to the CE standard, thus allowing the robot to not be interrupted during the loading and unloading of parts to be welded.

Like the larger models in the ArcWorld family, ArcWorld RS Mini and ArcWorld HS Micro are both easy to install and moveable.

On the models mentioned above, the industrial robot included is a European-made MOTOMAN-GP7 with 7 kg payload capacity. The cell is equipped with a selection of advanced programming functions that maximize welding quality and increase robot speed.

Available with a short delivery time, ArcWorld RS and HS will be able to allow you to double production cutting by half the preparation time.

The Motoman ArcWorld V2 is a compact and two-station standard welding cell. In the standard version, it consists of a 6-axis MOTOMAN-MA1440 industrial robot (can have twin robots), a two-station positioner with a payload of 500 kg per station, a controller and a power supply, all mounted on a common platform.

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