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Yaskawa Industrial Robots

The Yaskawa GA50 is a model specially developed for applications that demand the highest degree of precision and trajectory accuracy.


With a payload of 50 kg and a reach of 2,038 mm, the GA50 is characterized by a slim and compact design, that significantly improve accessibility. Advanced collision avoidance features, combined with multi-robot control, allow up to eight robots (72 axes) to be used together to maximize productivity and minimize space requirements.


This robot can be assembled with a wide range of laser tools, which not only allows cleaning of large parts, but also allows movement with precision in the different needs of the production lines.

The manipulator also guarantees maximum precision and trajectory accuracy in linear and circular movements thanks to the Sigma-7 precision gearbox produced by Yaskawa.


With this new Japanese-branded robot, higher speeds and shorter cycle times can be achieved, thus increasing production. As a further improvement, this Yaskawa robot only needs a single cable to connect to the YCR1000 high-performance controller.


This new solution is especially suitable for 3D contour and complex part welding solutions as it has a repeatability of only +/- 0.015 mm. In addition, it has specifications such as the high degree of protection IP67 (dust/liquid proof).

Summary of main features:

  • Fast and high precision;
  • Compact, powerful and accurate;
  • Possibility of using up to 8 robots (72 axes);
  • Increased production from better axle speeds.

Technical Data

  • Controlled Axes 6
  • Payload (kg) 50
  • Maximum reach P-point (mm) 2038
  • Repeatablility (mm) ±0.015
  • Weight (kg) 855
  • Power Requirements (kVA) 4.5
  • Mounting Positions Floor

Speed Table

Axle S L U R B T
º / seg ±180 +135/–90


±360 ±125 ±360

Typical application



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