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Yaskawa Industrial Robots


MOTOMAN HC10 is a 6 axes human-collaborative robot with a payload of 10 kg. Operator’s safety is assured by a Power and Force Limit technology that stops the robot in case of contact with an operator.

The robot arm can be hand guided by an operator androbot positions and gripper operation can be registered via so called "Easy Teaching Smart HUB“. These features offer time saving during the robot programming. The robots arm geometry was designed to avoid pinch points (finger).

The MOTOMAN HC10 can operate without additional protective measures like a safety fence, depending on the risk assessment. This saves space and costs. Its installation area is very flexible and therefore able to operate at different workplaces.

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Technical Data

  • Controlled Axes 6
  • Payload (kg) 10
  • Max. Working Range (mm) 1200
  • Repeatablility (mm) ±0.1
  • Weight (kg) 45
  • Power Requirements (kVA) 1
  • Mounting Positions Floor, Wall, Ceiling

Speed Table

Axis S L U R B T
º / sec 130º 130º 180º 180º 250º 250º

Typical application



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