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Yaskawa Motoman has sold over 500000 robots

Last February, Yaskawa Motoman, one of the largest industrial automation companies in the world, reached the mark of 500000 robots, sold worldwide.

Since 1915, its entire history has revolved around motors, with technology as the focus for a futuristic and evolved vision before the rest of the world. This revolutionary vein with more than 100 years of existence, has been improved and extended to the most varied branches of the industry.

  • The first fully electric industrial robot

In 1977, Yaskawa took advantage of all its know-how in the manufacture of high quality electrical and mechanical components and launched the Motoman-L10, the first fully electric industrial robot.

Taking advantage of the knowledge of the technology of the manipulators, which are the basis of the robots, and of the servo motors, Yaskawa began to commercialize a series of innovative products equipped with the latest technology.

Since then, several achievements have been achieved by the brand that has been attracting a range of customers around the world in the most varied industries.

  • Multi-arm system with only one controller

In 1994, with the YASNAC MRC robot controller, Yaskawa launched on the market for the first time, a controller that allows controlling several arms simultaneously.

  • 7 and 13 axis robots

In the first decade of the year 2000, Yaskawa opened a new robot market with advanced technologies for the time, and in 2005 it launched two innovative robots, a 7-axis robot (IA20) and a 13-axis double arm robot (DA20), where in both their flexibility and their movements are close to the movement performed by a human.

  • First collaborative robot - Motoman HC-10

Following the evolution of the market and expanding its range of robots, in 2018 the Motoman HC-10 appeared, the first collaborative robot of the brand capable of working in cooperation with the operator.

Today, in a pandemic scenario where the decline of the working age population, the worsening labor shortage and the restrictions on contact between employees on the factory floor are a reality, the need for intelligent manufacturing is more emerging and autonomous. It is here that the role and importance of robotics and automation emerges, which have been reaching records according to the most recent figures from the International Federation of Robotics and which aim to offer more quality and efficiency in processes, thus revolutionizing the industry that today it is more competitive.

  • More than 1000 robots installed in Portugal 

With a representation of about 37% of the total billing volume, robotics is today an essential part of Yaskawa's core business which has more than 28 production units spread over 12 countries worldwide and hundreds of representatives including Roboplan. As a distributor and representative of Yaskawa Motoman in Portugal, Roboplan follows this market growth and continues to develop innovative robotized solutions, tailored to the needs of its customers, with more than 1000 robots installed in Portugal in the most varied applications, with the main emphasis on welding, palletizing and handling.